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Michael Bartolomei

Copywriter. Brand Strategist. Storyteller. 



My philosophy is simple: tell them a story. Your target audience wants to be engaged. They want facts, emotional touchpoints and a feeling that your brand is uniquely suited to them. Whether it's a 50 word product description or a 1500 word SEO article they want a guided decision making process. Lead with a story—growth & loyalty will follow.     

I don't want there to be any surprises. If you are looking for someone to churn out a few hundred words of whatever, I'm not your guy. My work is high-quality and tailored to your specific needs. A good copywriter—client relationship isn't about completing tasks, it's about collaboration and measurable results.Take a look at my recent work. If you like what you see, let's chat. 



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Your business is constantly evolving and audience engagement has to keep pace. In order to help you smoothly transition from the big projects to monthly content management, I offer a full suite of copywriting, SEO and marketing services.  

Rate Structure


The tiered programs below were designed to meet the diverse needs of my clients by providing a flexible, customizable experience that rewards long-term partnerships. 


Per-Project Copywriting

My full compliment of copywriting, SEO and marketing services are available on a per-project basis. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Website copywriting

  • Keyword optimized articles

  • Social media copywriting

  • Sales letters

  • Email campaigns

  • Video scripts

  • Editing services

Pre-Paid Retainer

My clients often have a variety of simultaneous projects and the importance of those projects can shift from week to week. This option allows you to retain me as an on call copywriter & marketing consultant—maximum flexibility with few restrictions.

  • Outsource your sales communication efforts

  • Revamp your marketing materials

  • Same day editorial services 

Monthly Web Content + Social

Google can be tricked. Your audience can't. Their brand loyalty and willingness to share is dependent on the quality of the content you deliver. I can provide you with a consistent influx of well researched, keyword optimized articles that speak directly to the interests of your target audience. 

  • Informative, shareable content

  • Customized social media engagement strategy

  • Coordinated with your sales & marketing efforts



Writing has always been my way of navigating the world. My ability with words has earned me quick promotions in the corporate world, the praise of literary publishers and the gratitude of my freelance clients. It has given me the means to live and the freedom to live passionately. This is not a job for me. It is a joy. 




Are we a good fit? Let's find out. Send me the basics and I'll be in touch as soon as possible.find out if we'd be good fit! Send me the basics about your project and I'll be in touch asap.  

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